The Paloma Wodka Cocktail


Summer is turning pink and Paloma Margarita is the new love drink in a can!

Palm trees, the roaring sea, warm sand under your feet, sun on your face and a Paloa in your hand. Life can be so beautiful.

Paloa brings that summer feeling to the drinks shelf all year round.

Even from the outside, the can shines like the sun. But the highlight is on the inside. Delicious Paloma Lemonade mixed with vodka and rum flavor. Authentic, fruity, Mexican, pink!

An RTD with 10% alcohol for everyone who loves life and a delicious Paloma

The Paloma brand stands for joy of life, sparkling lightness and unique taste. No other pink grapefruit lemonade is as authentic and fresh as Paloma. We have also transferred this joy to Paloa. The RTD is tangy, fruity, tart and the perfect mixed drink for fun summer evenings with friends, at beach parties, in the club, as a sundowner on the beach, in the park or relaxing on the balcony. Paloa turns every moment into a good mood moment.