Pink Grapefruit Lemonade


Paloma Lemonade is a refreshingly fruity pink grapefruit lemonade with Mexican agave syrup, lime and a pinch of sea salt. Pure, as a cocktail or classically with tequila as a Paloma Margarita – Paloma Lemonade impresses in every situation. Striking, young, tangy, pink and refreshing.

Paloma Lemonade has been setting standards in the grapefruit lemonade category for years. In the meantime, it has become a classic and a brand favourite of many buyers. In addition to the unique design, the list of ingredients is also a special feature of Paloma Lemonade. Only natural ingredients go into the can. Pink grapefruit juice gives the lemonade its bright colour and inimitable taste. Fresh and tangy lime juice is added. Agave syrup gives Paloma its graceful sweetness, which is rounded off in flavour by a pinch of sea salt, which provides a mineral depth.

With Paloma Lemonade, the colourful world of Mexico is just a sip away.