OMG Bubble Tea

Normal is boring!


OMG is launching in Germany with four varieties that are anything but boring: Passionfruit with apple pearls, Lemon with mango pearls, Raspberry with blueberry pearls and Peach with strawberry pearls. “OMG is the first bubble tea where the popping bubbles and the soft drink are mixed by the consumer. This separation ensures lasting product quality and OMG has a long shelf life. In addition, OMG does not need to be refrigerated. A win-win situation for retailers and consumers.

OMG not only stands out in this exciting category of soft drinks with its great taste and innovative packaging. The design also sets standards. Smiling faces from the sleeve to the caps. Colors that radiate joie de vivre and the authentic bubble tea straw is included. OMG is the bubble tea for everyone and for every day. No bubble tea cafe, just quick and easy from the supermarket around the corner and at least as fresh and delicious.