Punica is back!


Punica, the refreshing fruit juice brand of the 90s, is back. Even better, even fruitier and with an unmistakable taste profile. With a long tradition in the production of delicious fruit juices, Punica has won a firm place in the hearts of German consumers. Punica is the drink for the whole family.

The brand attaches great importance to quality and naturalness, and you can taste this in every sip. The world of Punica is not just about juice, but also about a passion for quality and taste. The brand has managed to create a harmonious link between tradition and innovation. Discover the diversity of Punica and be inspired by the freshness and naturalness of this unique fruit juice brand. Whether classic Multivitamin, Fruity Red or Melon Tropic – there is a suitable variant for every taste. The varieties are available in the practical to go size of 500ml, as well as in 1000ml PET bottles.

Punica not only stands for enjoyment, but also for the unmistakable Punica Oasis feeling. Where or what is your personal oasis?