Seegang in der Dose


Columbus Drinks is bringing Haudegen Kaleu’s back to its home port after a long voyage across the stormy seas. Two Sparkling Ready to Drinks that hide a colorful, cheerful side behind a black and stormy packaging.

Immerse yourself in a world full of flavors and enjoy the two wild blends of high-quality vodka and the intense taste of woodruff as well as grain and peach iced tea. The exclusive recipe from Kaleu’s guarantees first-class quality and unforgettable enjoyment on the go. Both varieties are available in the 330ml Classic Can, in a 12-pack tray and as a 120-pack display.

Kaleu’s is wild, with a dark soul and a colorful secret. Whether pure, on ice or as a base for creative cocktails – Kaleu’s Woodruff Vodka and Korn Peach Iced Tea 10% provide an extraordinary taste experience.

Celebrate special moments with these unique blends and delight your friends with exceptional drinks. The stylish design of the tin makes it an eye-catcher at any party. You can feel the swell of the voyage on your tongue and palate, so try it now and experience the irresistible taste!