uk’s favourite Protein range now available in germany


Grenade®️ stands for 100 percent guilt-free energy and enjoyment. The sports and nutrition brand has already reached new heights in the UK. The Carb Killa®️ protein range, consisting of three temptingly creamy protein shakes and sinfully delicious protein bars, is now ready to win over its German audience. It sets itself no lower goal than to become number 1 here as well.

The Carb Killa®️ protein shakes (8 bottles per tray á 330 ml), as well as the Carb Killa®️ protein bars (12 bars per box á 60g), are available in three flavours, each. The Grenade® Energy Drink (12 cans per tray á 330 ml) is a standalone, but more explosive flavours can be expected soon!